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The Environment

CSRP LogoAs leaders in the environmental industry, Clintar Landscape Management is committed to improving the planet in every way we can. We work with government and environmental organizations to create responsible laws, regulations, and standards to safeguard the workplace and the community. It is Clintar policy to respond openly and promptly to any concerns or inquiries relating to environmental issues.

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Guaranteed Green

Clintar guarantees that every job we perform is conducted with the most environmentally-friendly methods available. We are constantly incorporating the latest green products and procedures so as to create properties that impress without harm.

Here are some of the ways we do it:

Integrated Pest Management: IPM is a process used to control pests while minimizing risk to humans and the environment. It incorporates a variety of control techniques – biological, cultural, mechanical, physical and chemical -- in a structured manner so as to suppress pest populations in the most environmentally-sound, effective and economical way possible.

Waste reduction and safe disposal: At Clintar, we use only what we need and we recycle, not only organics like shrub clippings, but also soil, concrete and asphalt.

Conservation: One way we conserve resources is by planning the most efficient routes to our job sites. This limits idling time, improves fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. In summer, we install and maintain irrigation systems that provide the right amount of water only when needed, avoiding wastage and runoff. During winter, we constantly monitor the weather and ration salt or de-icing products to match forecasts.

Quality equipment: We continually update our fleets to ensure we incorporate the most energy efficient vehicles available on the market. Additionally, using large plowing equipment enables us to get the job done quicker using fewer resources.

Eco-friendly landscaping: Clintar landscape designers provide eco-friendly solutions that beautify outdoor spaces while helping the environment in the following ways:

Preventing runoff
Our designers create landscapes using plants and materials that work with the natural elevations and inclines on your property. This limits the volume of runoff occurring and reduces the amount of pollutants and particles entering the groundwater.

Promoting water conservation
Installing the right drainage system for your property keeps plants, trees and turf areas naturally hydrated. It also lessens the need for irrigation and reduces the resources required to maintain your property.

Protecting soil
Clintar places the right plants in the right places for a solid root system that stabilizes the soil and slows the process of erosion. We can also provide organic mulches that help soil retain moisture for robust gardens that are full of life.

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