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Clintar Kitchener is now hiring for the position of Full Time Snow Removal - Summer Positions Landscaping.

Winter: Winter Watch staff member providing quality and timely service of the company’s work requirements for the customers. It is an on-call position requiring availability 24/7. Summer Landscaping - See other ads for details

Duties & Responsibilities:
The essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. • Attend training for customer service, technical and safety policies and procedures. • Helps to expedite work flow • Examine work for exactness, completeness and conformance to policies and procedures. • Monitors and ensures the efficient use of materials and equipment • Litter clean up (could be anything), graffiti removal and/or traffic sign installation • Plowing, whether in a 4x4, tractor, loading or SW tractor depending on missing staff members • Fill salt boxes, Fuel equipment • Any “extras” or work order stuff (e.g. cold patch) During an Event Below is an outline of what will be expected of you during your shift. • Assist with getting all walks equipment and trucks at the yard ready for arrival of walks staff and salters, • Help get the correct people in their routes and help let the walks dispatcher know when trucks and walks staff leave the yard • Help ensure that any walks staff that report directly to site or onsite equipment are accounted for and that dispatch knows they are in and working • Operate a salt truck • Lead a Walks Crew • Operate Plow Equipment

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