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“I am very happy with how everything has turned out! Can’t wait to see the front garden bed fill in and show the colours. We found your team very professional and kind. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the watering truck come by this morning.

Thank you for the the links and tips below. I will be sure to look into them.

Thanks again for all of your help through this process. You have been amazing!

Have a great day!”

Amy M

“I wanted to take a minute to compliment the crew that is working our property this morning. A few of us walk the track out front on our break, and this morning your crew happened to be tending to the grass. Our walkway was covered in freshly clipped, wet grass, which your crew member quickly went to work to clear so that we could continue our walk without getting our shoes covered – well done! ”

Dawn H

“I am writing to compliment you on your excellent Clintar Staff and their dedication to patient care.

Thursday April 4th at approximately 2pm a patient (who lives her life in a wheel chair) and I were planning to use the outdoor labyrinth at PW. Your team had their truck parked on the labyrinth and were in the midst of clearing the rose bushes and shrubs in the labyrinth area. The area had many piles of branches and understandably so because they were in the middle of job. This patient and I had been using the labyrinth as part of her spiritual care plan and we had scheduled this time specifically for the labyrinth. I could see your staff was involved in a big job but there is never any harm in asking, thus I asked if we could use the labyrinth.

Your staff did not blink an eye. They quickly moved their vehicle, removed the shrubs and branches from the labyrinth and gave us the time we needed to use the labyrinth (approximately 15 minutes or a bit longer). This was very special. There were several staff present. They shared that they had not had their afternoon break and they would take their break at this time to accommodate us. Your staff are innovative.

What your staff did not know was that this patient was being discharged and this my last visit with the patient. Also this was the only time available for us to use the labyrinth. There are not many activities that are wheel chair accessible but the outdoor labyrinth is. Also one of the meanings of the labyrinth is prayer. This labyrinth journey was important to the patient.

Your staff sacrificed for us and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your staff."

Katherine S

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