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Picking the perfect Christmas tree

Andrew Kousik | December 8, 2015 | General

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree! Now that American Thanksgiving has passed, every Christmas enthusiast knows that it’s officially time to start decorating! It goes without saying that the number one Christmas tradition is the tree. Do you want a white pine or a balsam fir? Picking the perfect tree can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you find the ultimate arbor.

Types of Trees:

Christmas tree farms and community lots offer different types of real trees. To narrow down your choice, these are a few of the best Christmas trees you can choose from.

  • Balsam firs have a dark green colour and flexible branches, which might not be the best option for you if you have heavier ornaments. However, its shape and ability to hold its needles will keep it fresh looking all season.
  • The Douglas fir is a great choice if you’re going for a perfect pyramid shape. The ideal Douglas fir has blue to dark green needles.
  • Noble firs are perfect for heavy ornaments. Their branches are well-spaced and sturdy, and the needles tend to curve upwards (which should help those baubles stay on even if the kids or the cat poke at them).
  • Scotch pines are the most commonly sold. They have stiff branches and dark green needles. Scotch pines can hold their needles for up to four weeks and offer ample space for ornaments.
  • White pines are perfect for people with allergies because they omit little or no fragrance. They have blue-green needles that remain on the tree throughout the whole holiday season.

What to look for:
A tree can look perfect at a glance but once you’ve hauled it into the house it loses its needles too fast or won’t stand straight under the weight of the decorations. These tips will help you avoid picking an undesirable tree.

  • Look for a tree that has a vibrant, bright colour. (This means that is has been cut recently)
  • When you’ve selected a tree, give it a shake. (This tests its needle retention. You don’t want to buy a dry tree)
  • Don’t forget to inspect for insects and pests.
  • Make sure the base of the tree is straight. (It also should be small enough to fit your hand)

Caring for your tree:
Real trees require some TLC though the season. The following tips will help keep your tree shinning bright!

  • Place the tree in water as soon as you get it home
  • Don’t trim the sides of the trunk in order to fit it into a smaller tree stand
  • Check the amount of water daily
  • Keep it away from heaters, fireplaces and lights that emit high heat

Follow these guidelines and we guarantee your tree will be the talk of the neighborhood! Happy hunting from all of us at Clintar.