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Safety tips for surviving winter

Chris Burns | February 5, 2016 | General

Many people think they only need to worry about safety and falling in the winter during a snow or ice event. At Clintar Landscape Management, our approach is slightly different. Ideally, we like to educate visitors in both retail and private settings to help mitigate the issue of slips, as it seems to be happening more often. Most Canadians know how to safely navigate winter, but it never hurts to be reminded! And you may be surprised at what many people don’t think about.

Visitor Education
Living in Canada, you would think that we have it all figured out by now, but unfortunately people still wear improper footwear and don’t change their behaviour for winter. Many of our clients are proactive when it comes to educating their employees and clients on how to properly navigate winter weather. They spread the word through e-blasts or by posting professionally designed signs/posters at entrances advertising the need for proper footwear and for caution during winter events and beyond. Driving through a parking lot is one thing, but walking into a business or store with high heels or running shoes can result in more than just cold and wet feet!!

Weather and the Environment
Though snowy surfaces can lead to a slip and fall, it’s often the unseen elements that present the most danger. Weather and temperature changes are constantly monitored by Clintar Landscape Management Ottawa throughout the winter, especially when temperatures are hovering close to 0 °C. Picture a nice day in January when the sun is out and it is -3 °C. This is a perfect recipe for melting snow piles, causing water to flow across parking lots and into low points towards drains. When 5 p.m. rolls around, the sun is gone and the temperature drops to -12 °C within 15 minutes, and suddenly… flash freeze!! So when you head to a retail location for dinner or shopping after work wearing your summer shoes, your day has the potential to end in a less than ideal way!!

What should you do?
Personally, I keep a pair of cleats in my vehicle for such occasions. If you think that is too much, there are still some other things you can do. Think about where you are parking and what you are wearing on your feet when you get to a location. It’s always better to have good winter boots and carry a change of shoes with you. When you’re not wearing proper footwear, get dropped off at the front door if possible. Entrance areas usually have enough residual salt so that they are not slippery, even if the parking lot is. Lastly (and most importantly!) just be careful and THINK before walking or running…. No matter how nice the day has been!!

Clintar Landscape Management offers specialized snow and ice patrol services throughout the winter months to keep our clients safe from the threat of a flash freeze. For more information on keeping your property safe, email us or give us a call.