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Earth & Landscape February 2020

Kimberly Khoury | February 20, 2020 | Corporate News

The Premiere Client Newsletter for one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. February 2020.


  2. Slip and Fall Liability for Snow Removal Contractors
  3. Clintar Health & Safety
  5. How Clintar Has Evolved For Sustainable Winter Services
  7. Spring Season Coming up
  8. Make-A-Wish Corporate Cabinet Announcement

CCO Message

Welcome to the first edition of the Clintar newsletter for 2020! The New Year is well under way, and we are excited for all that is to come.

Before we move forward, we wanted to take a minute to truly thank our valued clients for an amazing 2019. Our efforts will continue to be client-focused – ensuring that we are always improving in order to service your properties in the most sustainable, and effective ways possible. 

In this quarter’s edition of the newsletter, we’re going to be sharing Clintar’s health and safety practices, and what we’re doing to enforce this as one of our core values. We’ve always placed health and safety as a top priority, and we’re going to show you how we continue to do so! 

We’ll also be discussing an issue that has been affecting Property Managers around the country. Increasingly, slip and fall lawsuits have led to insurance companies refusing to insure snow removal contractors, which means a rise in service prices and many Property Managers being left without snow removal services. We’ll take a deeper look at the issues at hand, and what we can do moving forward. 

We will also be taking a trip down memory lane in this issue. We’re going to take you back to Clintar’s inception in 1973, and walk you through an evolution of our winter services. From ice prevention to plowing, we’re showing you how we’ve evolved to create more sustainable practices and solutions for our clients, and what we plan to do in the future! 

The Clintar team recently attended the Landscape Ontario Congress Trade Show and Conference – Canada’s green industry conference. The show was an amazing experience for our team, complete with incredible speakers, who provided us a valuable education. It gave us the opportunity to explore and learn about additional innovative ideas that can help us create more sustainable products and services. 

2020 is going to be a busy and exciting year, and even though the winter season is still in full swing, we’re already in preparations for spring services. The landscaping season will be here before we know it, so we want review our spring service suggestions to ensure our clients are prepared to cultivate a healthy commercial landscape this year! 

We’re looking forward to an exciting quarter with all of you! 

Landscape Ontario Congress 2020

Landscape Ontario Congress 2020 was held at the Toronto Congress Centre from January 7-9 and proved to be another successful event. 

The event brought together over 15,000 horticultural and landscape professionals from around the world. 

A significant number of educational sessions were held throughout the course of the week, with topics ranging from insurance and liability, to stormwater management, to digital marketing. 

The event provided a great opportunity to network with likeminded individuals in the landscaping industry and to share best practices. If you couldn’t make this event – do not worry… Congress will be back in 2021 between January 12-14. 

Registration opens in September. Don’t miss it! 

Our Plans For The Future:

Environmental sustainability has always been a part of Clintar’s company culture. 

As we work hard to evolve our practices to the current trends of our industry, we have taken technological advancements very seriously! 

Last season we installed 15 site weather monitoring stations that remotely report snow cover and air temperature. 

This season, we have installed another 15 (some equipped with pavement temperature capabilities) allowing us to closely monitor weather changes without having to travel from site to site. 

This new technology will allow us to make better service decisions based on real-time conditions, decrease our carbon footprint and better tend to our clients with the quality of service they deserve! 

With our new Clintar C.A.R.E.S initiative fresh on our radar, we look forward to future developments towards a greener company, and a greener planet.

If you would like to learn more about our environment-first initiatives, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Landscape Maintenance For Commercial Properties

Be prepared this year by taking the following important steps to establish a healthy commercial landscape. Taking good care of your property will protect your landscape investment and ultimately reduce maintenance expenses, or the need to replace plants and turf. ‘

  1. Assessing winter damage
  2. Spring clean-up
  3. Tree and shrub care
  4. Flower bed creation
  5. Irrigation system maintenance

Make-A-Wish Corporate Cabinet Announcement

We are extremely proud to announce that our Chief Commercial Officer and VP of Sustainability, Kimberly Khoury, is now a part of the Make-A-Wish Corporate Cabinet. 

This is a true honour, as Make-A-Wish is a cause that is near and dear to Kimberly’s heart. She is eager to work together with the other Cabinet members in order to promote increased involvement in Make-A-Wish’s mission, lead employee engagement campaigns, and play a significant role in helping grant wishes to every single child diagnosed with a critical illness. 

In Canada, there are many children waiting for their wishes to be granted, and it is of utmost importance to Kimberley to communicate the significance of Make-A-Wish across the country, and to educate others about the life-threatening illnesses these children are facing. She is looking forward to developing real relationships with children in need and their families, and supporting them all the way through the fund-raising process. 

Kimberly’s involvement in the Make-A-Wish Corporate Cabinet means volunteering her time to support a cause that truly makes a difference. Seeing the joy of a child who finally gets their wish granted makes it worth it every time.

A smile goes a long way!