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Coronavirus Update – Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services Remains Open as an Essential Service.

Kimberly Khoury | March 26, 2020 | General

Essential Service

Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services has been deemed as providing essential services, in accordance with the announcement made by the Federal and Provincial Governments. Clintar provides essential property maintenance, and snow and ice removal services to critical commercial and industrial companies like hospitals, government buildings, and supply chain businesses. We will remain open and carry out services as per usual using extra care and caution.

Our company is classified as an essential service under:

“Businesses that provide materials and services for the operation, maintenance and safety of transportation systems (road, transit, rail, air and marine) including delivery of maintenance services such as clearing snow, response to collisions, and completing needed repairs to the transportation systems”

“Businesses that provide support and maintenance services, including urgent repair, to maintain the safety, security, sanitation and essential operation of institutional, commercial industrial and residential properties and buildings, including, property management services, plumbers, electricians, custodial/janitorial workers, cleaning services, security services, fire safety and sprinkler systems.”

“Businesses that provide financial services including payment processing, the payroll division of any employer (as defined by the Employment Standards Act/Occupational Health and Safety Act), any entity whose operation is the administration of payroll, banks and credit unions;”

You can view the full list of essential services by visiting this resource.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use and dependency on your facilities (which are maintained and serviced by Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services) remain essential to ensure the continuation and operation of your businesses. We will continue to clear ice and snow across the country in all critical areas such as hospitals, food distribution centers, and government institutions, among others.

Commercial property maintenance and snow and ice removal services are essential services that aid in the protection of public health and property. Our employees perform essential treatments to help maintain outdoor spaces that could otherwise affect public safety, and increase the risk of injury. As providers of essential services, we are prepared to address the most pressing property maintenance and upkeep issues facing our customers.

Clintar continues to remain focused on the health and safety of our employees, clients, and communities. We have taken extensive measures, and implemented protocols to ensure our staff is well trained and compliant with social distancing. We have increased the sanitization and disinfection of all tools and supplies, and we remain vigilant in ensuring all proper steps and precautions are taken to ensure everyone’s well-being is protected.

We continue to monitor the situation daily, and should any changes or disruptions arise, you will be notified immediately. We look forward to continuing to service your properties in good health.