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Earth & Landscape June 2020

Kimberly Khoury | June 9, 2020 | Corporate News

Clintar Client Newsletter
Your Partnership Means the Earth To Us
June 2020.

Earth & Landscape June


  2. Setting The Standard for Post-Pandemic Commercial Property Maintenance Services
  3. Clintar’s Outdoor Sanitization Services
  5. Protecting People And Properties With Essential Summer Services
  6. Community Food Bank Donation Program

CCO Message

Welcome to the June 2020 edition of the Clintar newsletter!

In light of these unprecedented times that we have all been facing in the past few months, I wanted to take a minute to thank our valued clients. Our efforts as a company have always been, and will continue to be client-focused – ensuring we are always improving in order to service your properties in the most sustainable, and effective ways possible while protecting everybody’s health and safety.

The health and safety of our employees, clients, and communities are our top priority, and we have taken extensive measures to ensure we continue to provide you with property maintenance service in a safe and protected way!

In this quarter’s edition of the newsletter, we’re going to be sharing Clintar’s health and safety practices, and the steps we’ve been taking within the workplace to enforce this as one of our core values, especially during this time. We’ve always placed health and safety as a top priority, and this has been evident now more than ever.

We’ll also be covering details related to the range of services we are continuing to offer for the summer seasons. These services aim to fully protect your properties from infectious viruses, invasive species, and other safety hazards. We’ll also be sharing information related to how we’re setting the standard for post-pandemic property maintenance services in Canada, and we’ll take a deeper look at how Clintar is upholding industry-leading safety standards, and what we are doing moving forward.

With the need to keep our outdoor spaces free from hazards increasing, Clintar has also begun offering outdoor sanitization services for your properties. This newsletter will cover exactly what this new service entails, and how it further helps to protect your health and safety as a company in your outdoor space.

And lastly, we want to let you know about our most recent community efforts. Clintar franchises came together in an effort to raise money for local food banks across the country that continue to work on the frontlines and face supply challenges on a daily basis. Clintar matched all donations made by our franchise locations in order to increase our impact! It is important for us to continue supporting the communities that we operate in as a company in your outdoor space.

We hope you are all doing well throughout these times, and we want you to know that we are here to help you address any pressing needs or concerns as they relate to your property. Please do not hesitate to reach our through phone or email if you need anything; our lines of communication are always open. We thank you again, and we’re looking forward to the next quarter with all of you!

Clintar’s Outdoor Sanitization Services

Sanitization Services

Now more than ever, it is imperative that we continue to find ways to assist our clients and communities in keeping our public spaces sanitized and clean in order to aid in the protection of public health and safety. With the need to keep our outdoor spaces free from hazards increasing, especially for critical businesses that perform essential operations such as yours, Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services has implemented essential sanitization services for the safety of your employees and customers.

We are now offering outdoor sanitation services to be performed on all surfaces on your properties. This service is intended to effectively disinfect all possible touch points, sanitize all common areas, and reduce the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Common surfaces include site furniture (benches, trash cans, tables, chairs), all high frequency touch-points (railings, ashtrays, door handles, side doors, dock doors, entrances), and other common surfaces and areas such as parking meters, parking payment machines, bus shelters and playground areas among others. Your property will be professionally assessed to address all areas that may require sanitization.

We have implemented a strict procedure to ensure all sanitization work is performed with a high degree of efficiency, using high-performance Fungicide and Detergicide disinfectant cleaning products.

The products we use are registered with the TPD and PMRA in Canada, as well as the EPA in the U.S. SDS available upon request.

• Sanitizes surfaces to prevent the spread of illness and disease.
• Safe and fast-acting.
• Effective Germicide, Virucide, Fungicide, and Mildewstat.
• Qualified for hospital and other health care facilities.


1. Perform a visual inspection of the area to assess hazards, and place pylons and temporary closure signs.
2. Clear all surfaces and high-frequency touch-points of all visual debris prior to sanitizing.
3. Clean all surfaces with liquid soap and water prior to sanitizing.
4. Spray all surfaces and high-frequency touch points with a chemical solution and leave on for up to 10 minutes.
5. Rinse all surfaces and high-frequency touch points with water.
6. Remove pylons and temporary closure signs.

Our employees are trained in the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and are highly trained internally for the performance of these services, as well as WHIMIS trained. This newly implemented, turnkey service is currently being offered to all our valued clients. We want to ensure that your outdoor spaces are properly sanitized and taken care of, in order to ensure all public health guidelines are met, and to help ensure you are able to continue performing all critical business operations.

Clintar is not just here to service your grounds; we are here to fully protect your properties with essential maintenance and sanitization services that keep infectious viruses and other hazards at bay.


At Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services, we place the health, safety, and protection of our staff, clients, and communities as a top priority. As we continue providing property maintenance services to our valued clients, we continue to uphold stringent practices and regulations that keep everybody safe. We understand the importance, and how imperative it is to follow all recommendations and guidelines in terms of personal hygiene, social distancing, and sanitization, and we are doing just that to ensure safety and protection within the workplace.

The following health and safety guidelines and restrictions are followed at all times by all Clintar employees, and are enforced and backed by proper employee training on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and periodic site and crew audits.

Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used at all times by all employees performing duties. Clintar ensures that proper PPE is always being worn.

Employees travel to and from worksites individually, with only one employee per vehicle. Additional employees travel to the same worksite in separate vehicles, with no more than 5 employees per worksite.

When working in the field, our employees maintain 6’-8’ between themselves and others. They limit their personal contact with others in all capacities.

Our employees are vigilant in increasing the sanitization and disinfection of all equipment, tools, and high-frequency touch points within vehicles.

Employees remain vigilant in washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds frequently, and carry hand sanitizer that is greater than 60% alcohol-based at all times.

Appropriate posters and signage is posted both within Clintar’s work vehicles and franchise office locations in order to ensure all are well informed, and that all health and safety best practices are kept top of mind.

Clintar continues to remain focused on the health and safety of our employees, clients, and communities. We have taken extensive measures, and implemented protocols to ensure our staff is well trained and compliant with social distancing. We have increased the sanitization and disinfection of all work spaces, tools, supplies, and work vehicles, and we remain vigilant in ensuring all proper steps and precautions are taken to ensure everyone’s well-being is protected.

We continue to monitor the changing situation on a daily basis, in all provinces, and will continue to adhere to the most up-to-date health and safety protocols. If you have any concerns, our lines of communication are always open.

Wash Your Hands

Community Food Bank Donation Program

Community Food Bank

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a number of different challenges and hardships but it has also brought the need for a stronger sense of community, and for all of us to come together in support of one another. During these times, it is more important than ever for Clintar to help support the communities in which we operate.

650 food banks and over 3,000 community agencies across the country continue to work on the frontlines, responding to increased usage and daily needs. Many have been severely impacted, and face challenges as they work to provide those in need with essential food items.

Clintar franchises have come together in a National effort to raise donations for a number of different local food banks through Food Banks Canada. To help further our collective impact and support, Clintar is committed to matching all donations made by our franchises.

As we continue to provide essential property maintenance services to critical commercial and industrial properties, we are dedicated to supporting the recovery and well-being of our communities in any way that we can.

we can make a difference.


Clintar CaresAs we continue to protect outdoor spaces and the health and safety of our public within the communities we operate in, we also remember to take the time to celebrate our Earth.

One of our top priorities as a company have always been to protect our Earth and it’s natural resources, and providing effective services that honour sustainability practices have always been a part of our mission.

The below are important environmental and sustainability-related days. These are all of significance to Clintar, and we will be observing each. Clintar C.A.R.E.S invites you to participate!

June 5th – World Environment Day
June 8th – World Oceans Day
June 20th – First Day of Summer
July 28th – World Nature Conservation Day
September 19th – World Cleanup Day
September 22nd – First Day of Fall
September 27th – World Rivers Day
October 28th – Sustainability Day
December 21st – First Day of Winter