Health and Safety
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A Health-and-Safety-First Environment that Fosters Excellence

Clintar believes that by providing a work environment which upholds best practices in health and safety, we build conditions for exceptional customer service.

Clintar is committed to a zero-incident culture. Therefore, we employ certified technicians and managers to achieve environments which meet or exceed Clintar’s standard of excellence, as well as government health and safety standards to best protect your employees and ours on work sites.

To safeguard our standards and ensure consistency for each of our franchises, Clintar initiated its own Health & Safety program. As our franchises continue to develop and grow across Canada, the desire to safeguard the local communities our franchisees work and live in organically became part of Clintar’s health & safety mandate as well.

The Clintar Health and Safety program includes:

  • Site-by-site safety analysis
  • Ongoing weekly and monthly safety training for employees and management
  • Frequent on-site safety inspections of client properties
  • Ongoing WHMIS, First Aid and CPR training
  • Active Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) compliance