Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping Parking Lots Safe, Clean and Maintained

At Clintar, we understand the importance of making first impressions, a lasting impression, which is why we offer Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance Services as part of our comprehensive landscape and property maintenance packages.

A spotless, even-leveled parking lot free of debris, waste and potholes demonstrates a commitment to safety and concern for your customers and the public.

A property with a neglected parking lot maintenance plan is not only unsafe for pedestrians and drivers, it can adversely affect your business as well.

Clintar offers the following commercial Parking Lot Maintenance services:

Daily Litter Control

Let Clintar take care of the dirty work, so you can rest easy that your property’s parking lot will always be free of unwanted waste.

Daily Litter Control
Daily Litter Control

Clintar’s uniformed staff can visit your site daily to ensure any litter and debris caught in your landscape is promptly removed on a time basis.

Line Painting

Clearly demarcated parking lot lines (also known as pavement markings, line markings and line striping) are required to be visible and clear at all time by law.

It is important to not leave your parking lot lines worn out or undetectable to the average person, as it may result in unwanted incidents for your clients and the public.

With the harsh Canadian climate, Clintar recommends periodic inspections to ensure parking lot lines and stenciling of the property’s lines are still visible.

Power Sweeping/Washing

A thorough power sweeping and power washing of your parking lot is recommended bi-annually or at least annually, particularly prior to the spring season to cleanse your parking lot area of any harsh salts, chemicals and debris that may have been trapped from the winter season.

Parking lot Sweeping
Parking lot Sweeping

Power washing is an environmentally safe method for removing oil, mould, dirt, unwanted markings and chewing gum from your parking lot without the use of any toxic chemicals.

A regular power sweeping of your property’s parking lot is in good practice for a well-maintained property. In addition to extending the lifespan of the pavement and sidewalks of your property, it also improves the drainage system in your parking lot, while maintaining a safe and clean environment for pedestrians and drivers.