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Sustainable Landscaping: Give Your Property A Competitive Edge

Tim Verbic | March 8, 2022 | Landscaping Services

Environment First

Clintar’s day-to-day operations are centred around sustainability and environmental stewardship. Part of Clintar’s Mission is to constantly research and acquire more efficient and sustainable practices and products to our everyday practices. It’s a positive approach that our team can get behind. From a more calculated standpoint, this mandate is a matter of efficiency and the right thing to do of our environment – it’s the future! In 2017, we formalized our sustainability commitment; making Clintar one of Canada’s first landscaping corporations to become CSR-P (Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner) Certified. A few years later we issued our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

At Clintar when we explain our services, we want people to know that behind the scenes, we’re doing a lot more than plowing snow, cutting grass, and pruning shrubs. We’re integrating a variety of new technologies and best practices for optimal results (within our environmental research) We want to facilitate a better understanding of how sustainable practices lead to health benefits, cost savings, and a sustainable future for the next generations to come.

Clintar Eco Friendly Service

Our Technology

Watering with Precision

UgMo Water System

When it comes to conserving water, Clintar relies on the most state of the art, smart-irrigation technology available. We’re the exclusive Canadian distributor of UgMO® (short for Underground Monitoring) – a form of real-time soil and irrigation management that’s transforming the way properties are managed across the country. This patented wireless system continuously reads soil moisture levels and temperatures to ensure that plants and lawns receive the ideal amount of water, in any kind of weather, ensuring it’s never too much or too little. Not only will this level of precision enhance the appearance of your property, it dramatically reduces water usage, and passes on impressive time and cost savings of up to 30%.

Green Roofs

Growing plants on a commercial rooftop can deliver a wide variety of benefits. Namely, re-introducing greenery to a property that has been stripped of vegetation when it was first developed. Our team can guide you through every aspect, from conceptualization and design to planning and maintenance. We rely on a variety of proven horticultural methods, like using indigenous (native) plants and flowers that co-exist and thrive in a shared ecosystem. A green roof can also help mitigate noise and air pollution; all while providing a very pleasant experience for your tenants. As a Property Manager, you will also find that your green roof is a very effective investment compared to traditional roof systems. Instead of contending with common issues from rainwater runoff like flooding, and erosion, a green roof will help absorb and slowly release between 60-100% of storm water. You could also be extending the life of your building’s roof membrane because increased shade and insulation prevents deterioration that would otherwise result from UV exposure and temperature fluctuations.

Eco-Friendly Invasive Species Management and Integrated Pest Management

Whether we’re dealing with easy to remove weeds, or more destructive invasive species that block the sun or steal water and nutrients from other plants, we seek out the most effective, least environmentally impactful solution, using our training from the Ministry of Environment and its Pesticide Training Program. We want to reduce reliance on fertilizers and prevent pollutants from turning to runoff and entering our waterways. Currently, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is not a standard practice throughout the landscaping industry in Canada, so we’re pleased to add it to our scope of services, and bring our clients closer to the goal of zero pesticide usage.

Hybrid Fleet, Battery Powered Equipment and Recycling

In order to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lower carbon emissions, and become more energy efficient, many of our franchises are now making the shift to landscaping equipment and tools that are battery operated. We’re using more battery-operated blowers, line-trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and mowers than ever before. Our clients are thrilled with the improved air quality, and noise reduction. Our site checks and property maintenance visits are now conducted using our hybrid electric vehicles, and we’ve implemented route optimization software to coordinate the best routes for maximized time and fuel efficiency. While enhancing and managing landscapes, we divert waste away from the landfill whenever possible by taking trimmings, soil, and leaf waste for composting. We also recycle materials like concrete and asphalt, which lessens the need for landfill space, and even reduces gravel mining, since recycled concrete can be used in place of crushed stone.

Considering sustainable landscaping solutions? We’re here to help your organization make the transition.

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