Message From the President

Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services is on a mission: a mission to create a better world. A world in which we prioritize not only the health and safety of ourselves and our communities; but the health and sustainability of our precious planet Earth.

Our goal has always been to pave new paths to a greener tomorrow for future generations to enjoy by diligently focusing on reducing our impacts today. As a business, we have tackled the issue of sustainability in a number of different ways; from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to conserving water; and will continue to do our part in protecting, educating, and influencing others to take charge of changing the ways they live.

This report, our first annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report will serve to demonstrate and highlight our commitment to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ needs, through a framework that remains dedicated to our core value of responsibly and sustainably conducting business. This report highlights the progress we have made thus far in key areas.

Steve Sinodinos
President and CEO


In this report, we outline aspects of our CSR governance framework that keep us accountable and focused on the most important concerns of our customers and employees, and determine success relative to three pillars: Environment, Community, and Employment


We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations. Our greatest opportunities for impact include reducing greenhouse gas emissions from corporate and franchise office buildings, vehicle fleets, landscaping tools and non-road equipment. We always aim to effectively use road salt, to reduce our water consumption on our customer’s properties and to limit the amount of waste generated without compromising the quality of our services.


We are growing our local, provincial, and national partnerships to support the communities we operate in through charitable donations, events, and engagement opportunities. We aim to empower all employees and aid the leaders of tomorrow in shaping a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable society that will serve future generations.


We provide a work environment which upholds best practices in health and safety, safeguarding our standards and ensuring consistency for each of our franchises. Providing employees with safe work environments, competitive salaries and benefits, equal opportunities for advancement and ongoing training remain top priorities to us.

A Few Key Findings

Key Findings

Battery-powered equipment at Clintar6
# of Equipment
Pieces in 2019
Total 2019 GHG
Emissions Avoided (kgCO2e)
Ride-on Mower14,586
Push Mower95,141
Total5015.01 tonnes

Additional Indicators2019 Estimate
Total 2019 Scope 2 GHG Emissions (tonnes CO2e)9131
Total Electricity Consumption (kWh)10821,267
Total Area of Facility/ Shop Space (ft2)11101,590
Electricity Consumption/ Franchise Shop Area (kWh/ft2)8

Key Findings


Download the full CSR report to dive into our findings, learn about how we’re remaining environmentally conscious, and our plans to contribute to building a greener world for tomorrow.