Certified Professionals
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Certified Professionals in Landscape Management and Property Maintenance

A key part of maintaining Clintar’s Health & Safety program is through employing competent, educated and certified professionals who enforce industry standards and implement best practices in landscaping and property maintenance, so Clintar clients are always guaranteed the highest level of service available.

Landscape Industry Certified Testing Program
Clintar has accredited staff across Canada in the following roles:

  • Certified Landscape Technician (CLT)

The Certified Landscape Technician program demonstrates Clintar’s commitment to best practices in landscape installation, turf and plant bed maintenance and irrigation systems. We ensure that all our landscaped properties are sustainable, beautiful and according to local municipal standards and regulations.

  • Certified Snow Professional (CSP)

The Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification ensures high standards of professionalism and excellence in snow and ice management services. The program encourages environmental responsibility, health and safety, and recognizes those who have demonstrated a high level of competence and experience within the snow and ice control industry.

  • Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT)

Grounds irrigation is an essential part of maintaining your landscape investment and responsible water management is a key component of sound environmental practice. The CIT program was developed to prove a standard of competency in irrigation design, installation and maintenance. Clintar is proud to subscribe to this important program, providing a higher level of knowledge and expertise to every irrigation system we install.

  • Landscape Industry Certified Manager (LICM)

The CIM program focuses on the training and development of the core business skills required to run a successful landscaping and property maintenance operation. All CIMs must successfully complete a series of written evaluations in the areas of Financial and Legal, Human Resources, Marketing, Leadership and Corporate Citizenship and Horticulture Operations.