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The Power of Curb Appeal: Boosting Employee Mental Health and Attracting Top Talent

clintar_webadmin | November 1, 2023 | Commercial Landscaping

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative facility management strategies to enhance their productivity, attract top talent, and maximize their property’s value. A lesser-known but increasingly vital factor in achieving these goals is the curb appeal of commercial buildings. This blog explores the remarkable connection between employee mental health, employee retention, workforce retention strategies, and business property valuation by focusing on the impact of outdoor spaces and beautiful commercial landscaping.

Outdoor Spaces and Company Morale

The link between outdoor spaces and employee morale is well-documented. Studies cited in HBR articles have consistently shown that access to commercial outdoor spaces, especially those featuring greenery and natural elements, can significantly improve employee mental health and well-being. A 2018 study from the University of Exeter found that individuals who spent just 120 minutes a week in nature experienced better mental health and higher overall well-being.

Similarly, the design of office campuses and commercial properties can impact employee morale. Beautifully landscaped and maintained outdoor areas within the workplace can serve as sanctuaries of tranquillity and relaxation, providing employees with a needed sanctuary from their indoor work environments. This can lead to reduced stress, increased job satisfaction, and a more positive outlook – all of which contribute to higher morale.

Nature Boosts Productivity

A crucial aspect of the impact of business outdoor spaces on employee well-being is its role in talent retention. When employees have access to beautiful, colourful outdoor spaces on their office campus, they are more likely to remain with their employer for the long term. A report from SHRM highlighted that organizations with employee-focused outdoor spaces experienced lower turnover rates. In a highly competitive job market, this can be a substantial cost-saving strategy.

One of the major factors contributing to improved talent retention is the appeal of these commercial outdoor spaces. The concept of innate human connection to nature, suggests that people are naturally drawn to environments featuring greenery and open spaces. Employers who incorporate commercial outdoor areas into their office campuses tap into this intrinsic need, making their workplaces more attractive to current and potential employees and implementing effective workforce retention strategies.

The positive impact on retention is not limited to a longer tenure alone. Employees who have access to outdoor spaces are also more likely to work harder and be more productive. Corporate Wellness Magazine found that employees in environments with well-designed outdoor spaces reported increased job satisfaction and engagement, translating into higher productivity levels. These findings highlight the tangible connection between employee well-being, outdoor spaces, and overall workforce performance.

Business Valuation and Curb Appeal

The positive effects of well-maintained landscaping extend beyond employee well-being and productivity—they also have a significant impact on the valuation of commercial properties. Real estate developers and designers have long understood the potential of curb appeal to enhance a property’s market value.

A report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) noted that properties with attractive landscaping often fetch higher sale prices and have a competitive edge in the market. Beautiful landscaping adds curb appeal, which attracts potential buyers and investors. Moreover, commercial properties with visually appealing outdoor spaces can command higher rental rates, ultimately increasing their return on investment.

In the context of property valuation, it’s essential to understand the correlation between aesthetics and market demand. Well-landscaped commercial buildings create an attractive and welcoming first impression, which can be the determining factor for potential tenants or buyers. Real estate experts emphasize the importance of aesthetics in property development. Properties with beautiful landscaping tend to have a faster leasing process and generate better returns for investors.

Beyond Property Value: The Broader Impact of Landscaping on Business

While the direct link between curb appeal and property value is evident, we should also acknowledge that the benefits of good commercial landscaping extend beyond facility management and real estate. The attractiveness and functionality of outdoor spaces add to the overall success and image of a business, fostering employee retention and loyalty.

  1. Brand Image: The exterior aesthetics of a commercial building can reflect positively on a company’s brand image. A well-landscaped property demonstrates attention to detail and a commitment to creating an inviting environment, which can align with a company’s branding and values.
  2. Community Integration: Attractive outdoor spaces often facilitate community engagement. They can be used for events, public gatherings, or even as a space for employees to interact with the surrounding community. This integration fosters a sense of belonging and goodwill, which can enhance a company’s reputation.
  3. Environmental Responsibility: Well-designed landscaping can include sustainable features like green roofs, rain gardens, and efficient irrigation systems. These eco-friendly elements align with modern consumers’ expectations for businesses to demonstrate environmental responsibility, potentially attracting a more environmentally conscious customer base.
  4. Health and Well-being: Beyond employee well-being, beautiful outdoor spaces can be leveraged for employee fitness and wellness programs. Businesses can utilize these areas to promote physical health and create a more holistic approach to employee well-being.

Well-designed landscaping and beautiful commercial outdoor spaces not only boost employee morale and productivity but also enhance property valuation and contribute to the overall success and image of a business.

Business owners and facility managers can make informed decisions to invest in their outdoor spaces, creating environments that not only benefit their employees but also provide a competitive edge in the market and contribute to the long-term success of their organizations. In the modern world, where attracting and retaining top talent is paramount, the power of curb appeal should not be underestimated, even for commercial properties.

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