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How to jumpstart spring growth!

Andrew Kousik | October 28, 2015 | General

Planting flower bulbs in the fall is fast, easy and nearly foolproof! By planting in the fall it provides you a quick jumpstart on your spring blooming. When bulbs arrive, you want to try to plant them at least six weeks before the ground freezes. The cooler weather allows spring blooming bulbs to winter over, which is important in order for bulbs to provide cheerful and beautiful spring blooms!

When ready to plant, loosen up the soil and dig a hole to the recommended depth on your package label. An easy rule of thumb is 8” for a large bulb and 5” for a smaller bulb. When you have your hole dug, place the bulb in with the roots down and pointy side up. Once your bulb is in place, fill your hole with soil and lightly compress the top of the soil down – no need to pack it firmly! Give it a quick watering to stimulate root growth, standby for the winter season and watch it bloom in the spring!

Quick tips!

  1. Read the label!
  2. Remove any weeds or debris around the planting area.
  3. Avoid planting in areas where water collects.
  4. Chances are soil could use additional compost.


Happy Planting!