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Winter Gardening

Andrew Kousik | December 15, 2015 | General

If you’re an avid gardener you might dread the dead of winter; the foliage is either hidden or has disappeared and bright blooms won’t appear until spring. Even though there’s nothing to plant, you can exercise your green thumb and improve your garden with a little bit of careful planning in spring, summer and fall so it shines in every season.
Four tips for a beautiful winter garden:

All Bark, No Bite
Deciduous trees will lose their leaves in the winter leaving them bare, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Trees with distinctive bark or colouring can offer texture to a white winter wonderland. Both dogwood and birch trees are ideal to add some unique visual splendor.

A Berry Good Choice
Some trees and shrubs, including crabapple trees and holly (with berries), retain their fruit throughout Canada’s cold winters. Not only do they add a hit of colour, they’re also an important food source for birds nesting in the neighbourhood.

Evergreen for Evergreens
We associate evergreens with the holiday season for decorating inside the home or the front porch, but don’t forget to include them in your landscaping. They come in many colours besides “Christmas green” such as gold thread, false cypress and dwarf blue spruce. They make perfect focal points in your yard all year round.

Favour Four Season Perennials
Some perennials have evergreen foliage that doesn’t change or fall off in the winter, such as ornamental grasses, hellebores and dianthus, making them great for winter landscaping! However, before you buy them, make sure you read the label on each perennial to ensure it has foliage through the winter.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have the perfect garden no matter the season.

Happy gardening!