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Spring, is that you?

Andrew Kousik | February 12, 2016 | General

We all know spring cleanups are a long-running tradition in the landscaping/gardening business! Whether you view it as an excuse to get outside after a long, dreadful winter or a necessity to the outcome of your garden, it’s something we’ve all done at least once in our life.

Here are a few tips that will help your garden shine this summer!


  • First things first; your perennials will need a good haircut. Most can be cut back right to the base, however, some plants require some growth left behind so make sure you research your plants before you get too carried away with those scissors!
  • Your shrubs and trees could also benefit from a quick trim to remove any dead branches caused from the winter season.
  • After completing those two tasks, give your beds a thorough raking to remove any debris from your pruning or buildup that has collected during the winter. This material is great to add to your compost pile if you have one!


  • Edging all your landscape beds helps clearly define the line between the landscape and lawn. This prevents turf from growing into the mulch and adds definition to your landscape, giving it a well-maintained look!


  • Just as we benefit from vitamins and proper nutrition, so do your plants! One or two applications of fresh compost around your plants can turn your struggling, dry plant into a lush, thriving plant that will withstand the summer heat.


  • Along with edging, mulch helps create a defined and well-maintained look to your landscape. If there is already existing mulch, you may want to dress it up with a new 1-2″ layer on top to keep things looking fresh. If this is your first time mulching, a good 3″ layer will do the trick!
  • Why is mulch so important you ask? By applying mulch, you will help minimize weed growth, help with moisture retention in the soil, and regulate the ground temperature. Three things that will all help your plants and gardens thrive!

Along with these tips don’t forget that spring can be the best time to plant new growth in your garden, so head on over to the store and pick up your favourites to brighten up your garden this year!

Happy Gardening!