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5 tips to gain more curb appeal!

Andrew Kousik | February 28, 2016 | General

Looking to add extra wow factor into your yard this season? Here are a few things to consider as you move ahead with your landscaping!

  1. A simple splash of colour. A little bit of colour can go a long way; with every changing season, don’t forget to display new colors, textures and fragrances in your garden. Try and stay away from planting every colour in the rainbow, instead choose 1 or 2 complementary or contrasting colours to grab your neighbour’s attention as they walk by.
  2. Size matters… Shrubs and trees should be selected and planted to match the scale of your house so they don’t block windows, doors and other architectural features as they grow. For example, a large two-story home could handle a redwood, Chinese pistache or scarlet oak, but a one-story home is better paired with a flowering cherry, crabapple or eastern redbud. Keep in mind, too many trees can cast a lot of unwanted shadows. Before you buy, it’s never a bad idea to do some quick research first.
  3. Perfect your lawn. A velvety green lawn demonstrates tender loving care, so be sure you fix those brown spots from last season! Never overlook the impact of a perfectly manicured law.
  4. Light it up, up, up. Good illumination allows people to see the features you have added and adds an element of drama when the sun sets. Use low-voltage lamps to highlight branches, trees, a front door, walks and the corners of your home. But remember less is more! You don’t want your home to end up looking like an airport runway.
  5. Use decorative architectural elements. A new mailbox, planted window boxes, a low fence to wrap in vines – all these things can bring in the extra wow factor you’ve been looking for! So head down to HomeSense and grab those creative pieces you’ve been waiting to put in your beds for a while now! Just remember, any colours you use should complement the colours of your home.

Dream big!