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Balancing Corporate Social Responsibility with Corporate Responsibility

Steve Sinodinos | June 29, 2016 | Corporate Social Responsibility, General

Since I began working with Clintar last April 2015, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with many enthusiastic, dedicated and caring franchise owners who truly care about the values of sustainability, health & safety and quality work that Clintar strives to maintain every day. Through our Supervisors’ Council meetings and Focus Groups, which select certain individuals from each franchise to discuss specific topics such as Sales & Marketing and Health & Safety, we are not only able to better define Clintar’s strategies and goals, but also reveal the interests and talents of the individuals who help make Clintar and their franchise what it is today.

I am very happy to acknowledge that many of our franchisees and our staff have a keen interest in contributing and giving back to their local communities through fundraisers and events. When you get involved in your community, you’re more likely to learn more about the needs of the audience and demographics of your community, more aware of municipal/local planning and generally more well known to the community.

It has been studied that corporate social responsibility goes a long way in boosting your bottom line by encouraging customer loyalty and happier employees overall, and it seems to ring true for many of our franchisees who willingly give their time and energy to their communities.

I’d like to take a moment to share the efforts of one particular individual, who has gone beyond his daily work with Clintar to build an organization that helps and improves the lives of individuals in his community and across Canada.

Dave Moore, co-Owner of the Clintar London franchise has always been involved in contributing to his local community and in 2011, he took his efforts to another level, pairing his business acumen with the connections and reputation of NHL player Brandon Prust. Together, they established The Brandon Prust Foundation, which aims to help improve children’s lives through events, programs and activities. One of the programs they have supported is the Kids Kicking Cancer program, which teaches children with cancer martial arts, breathing and meditation exercises to help them cope with the effects of their illness. On July 25, 2016, The Brandon Prust Foundation will host their annual Prusty4Kids Golf Tournament at Redtail Golf Course, which will help raise funds for Kids Kicking Cancer Canada.



Last year at our Annual Connect Conference, Dave and co-owner Clintar London franchisee, Mike Malleck were awarded by Clintar’s head office for their outstanding sales and franchise achievements. Mike also received the Community Award for his contributions to the London community. With success in both their business and community involvement, I can’t firmly state that their success in one area is dependent on the other, but I do know that their passion and deep commitment to both is equally strong. Their business knowledge as franchise owners helps improve their community work, while their passion in community work drives them to be better leaders and workers at Clintar.

I’ve seen firsthand how businesses thrive when they become involved with their communities and the impact it has in bringing like-minded businesses and individuals together for a greater cause. I hope others are inspired by Dave’s journey and sincerely look forward to seeing Clintar involved with more community work this year.