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Clintar Becomes the Sole Canadian Distributor of UgMO

Steve Sinodinos | January 16, 2017 | General

In light of the Landscape Ontario Congress show, which took place recently in mid-January, we thought we’d share one of the main green initiatives Clintar supports and offers our clients in an effort to conserve water for the planet, while saving them money.

As the number one irrigated crop in the world, grass grown on turfs, lawns and properties should be closely monitored for their water usage and excess consumption – especially when statistics tell us that as much as 50% of water used outdoor is wasted. In addition, landscapes in Canada are known to consume 25% of urban water and are over-watered by 30% to 300%.

Clintar is continually seeking more sustainable products and options that can be implemented in our daily practices. Realizing the mass wastage of water used on our client properties, Clintar researched several smart watering products and discovered UgMO (Underground Monitoring).


We believe this technology will be revolutionary in conserving water and money for businesses, institutions and organizations everywhere in Canada – so much so that Clintar negotiated to be the sole distributor of UgMO products in Canada. 2017 marks the first year that UgMO will be available in Canada and it will be exclusively monitored and maintained by Clintar.

Already prevalently used across the United States in cities of varying climates and weather conditions, UgMO is generally sought after by landscape professionals, irrigation contractors, golf courses, sports turfs, farmers, property managers, and environmental advocates.

UgMO is a leader in advanced wireless soil moisture monitoring. It measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity at the root level in real time, up to six times an hour, 24 hours a day.  UgMO saves water by distributing water to only the areas that require water based on data submitted by underground wireless sensors. Additionally, it saves time, resources and money by not overwatering in areas that don’t require watering and eliminates the needs for individuals to manually water or inspect the condition of the soil for watering.  With UgMO, turfs and lawns will never be over or under watered and the landscape health of your property will always be optimal.

Actual institutions and facilities in Philadelphia, which experience similar weather and climate conditions compared to our Ontario cities, submitted savings of 31% to 81% after implementing UgMO on their properties. Another professional lawn care service in Michigan found savings from 43% to 52% from May to November 2016.

We are very excited to be the sole distributor of this remarkable product in Canada and look forward to seeing the savings and immense changes our clients notice on their landscapes and properties this year. To learn more about how UgMO can be implemented on your property or landscape, contact your local Clintar franchise for more info.