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Clintar Brightens Earth Day for Local Schools

Steve Sinodinos | April 24, 2017 | Corporate Social Responsibility, General

Keeping with our goals of being a proponent for corporate sustainability and eco-friendly practises in landscaping and property maintenance, Clintar believes in the power of educating our clients and the public about sustainable alternatives in their daily work life and personal life.

Instilling an eco-friendly mindset is easy when it’s impressed upon at a young age, which is why Clintar reaches out to local schools annually for educational and donation opportunities. We are constantly seeking interactive and fun opportunities to educate the youth in our local communities about the ecosystem and what actions they can take to help improve it for future generations.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, Clintar’s head office has donated 1000 sunflower start-up kits to 10 local schools in the York Region District School Board. Each of the pods come complete with everything needed to start growing sunflowers for the students. Once the buds have sprouted, they may be transferred into a garden for further growth.

Clintar Gift

Schools participating in the Earth Day Sunflower Planting include:
  • German Mills Public School
  • Donald Cousens Public School
  • Wismer Public School
  • Little Rouge Public School
  • Greenborough Public School
  • John McCrae Public School
  • Black Walnut Public School
  • Fred Varley Public School
  • Central Park Public School
  • Ramer Wood Public School

To learn more about our Earth Day festivities or if you are interested in collaborating with Clintar on an environmental community activity/event in the future, contact Clintar’s Head Office or any of our local franchises for more information.