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Irrigation – Tips on Keeping Your Property Green Through A Hot, Dry Summer

Tim Verbic | July 12, 2018 | Commercial Landscaping

As we jumped from what seemed like a long Winter, through a very short Spring, and now are in the long, hot days of summer, the lawns and plants that are meant to beautify a commercial property, and which were once green and lush can very quickly dry out and have a poor appearance if they do not receive regular watering.

While most commercial and industrial properties will receive some form of planting (annual flowers, replacement of shrubs that did not make it through the winter, additional plants to fill in gaps), without regular watering, this effort, and more importantly, the money that was spent on this planting / replacement of plants, will not achieve the look that was hoped for because of a lack of regular watering. Additionally, no amount of fertilizer or fresh nutrient rich soil can help a property without adequate watering.

All plants need the correct amount of watering, and while Mother Nature does offer some relief, it may not always be as regular and consistent as one would want. Hence, an irrigation system is a good start – a smart irrigation system is better.

This is especially true after installing new plants, who need to quickly develop a root system that will allow them to absorb water and nutrient from the ground in order to stabilize and grow.

If you have an irrigation system – great! Having it regularly serviced, including a start-up (which checks for broken sprinkler heads and / or pipes) in the Spring, and shut-down in the Fall – including a blow-out of the system to prevent a break in the piping system when the ground freezes.

How much to water?

This is probably the most frequent question we get. And a smart irrigation system will play a role in getting you the beautiful landscape you want to achieve!

Plants absorb water through their root system, but it is a delicate balance between ground (at that root level) that is either too dry, or worse – too wet! Today, technology provides the answer – Wireless sensors in the ground that measure the moisture level of the ground, at the root level, and automatically relay this information to the irrigation system, which then applies the right amount of water. This type of system can also work in zones – likely more watering in areas with little to no shade, versus those areas that have full shade. Or different types of soil that either hold water or don’t.

Commercial Irrigation System - UgMo

At Clintar, we’ve partnered with UgMO Technologies – UgMO, which stands for Underground Monitoring, is the leader in advanced wireless soil moisture monitoring. No matter what size or type of property you own or manage and regardless of where you are located, UgMO has a cost-effective water savings solution to meet your needs.

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