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Celebrating 50 Years of Success

Clintar | January 3, 2023 | General

Watch as our CEO Rob Gannett talks about the achievements of our franchise owners and Clintar celebrating 50 years.

Congratulations to everyone that’s a part of the Clintar brand for reaching a truly momentous milestone. In 2023, we joined the ranks of the very few distinguished companies in celebrating our 50th anniversary. It gives me a sense of great pride to be a part of a brand that has not only survived, but has thrived and has continued to grow over the course of its 50-year history.

We have a number of franchise owners and corporate team members that have been a part of this brand for 20 years, for 30 years, and even some now approaching 40 years.

Our 50th anniversary is an important opportunity to celebrate this amazing milestone for our business, but also to honor the hard work and the dedication that so many at Clintar have put in to make this business what it is today.

I also think the 50th anniversary underscores that all of us who work at Clintar today have a responsibility to honor the heritage of the brand, while also preparing the business to thrive for another 50 years. Throughout the course of 2023, we will mark our 50th anniversary by spotlighting our franchise owners, by deepening connections in our local communities through an outdoor spaces contest, and culminating and in an exciting celebration event.

Congratulations again, to everyone that wears the Clintar logo. 50 years is a tremendous accomplishment. I’m looking forward to an outstanding 2023 and continued success for the business well into the future.

-Rob Gannett, Clintar CEO