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Clintar Owner Spotlight: Zack Maloney

Clintar | May 2, 2023 | General

Join Zack Maloney, co-owner of the Kitchener franchise, as he shares his journey from washing trucks at a young age to taking on the challenges and opportunities that come with being a Clintar business owner.

Discover how Zack’s passion for improvement and commitment to elevating services for clients keep him motivated in our latest video. Plus, learn about his love for hockey and cycling when he’s not busy growing the family business.

Please introduce yourself and the market/ territory you serve

I’m Zack Maloney. I’ve been working at the Clintar Kitchener location for about a year now. I started in May, and I’ve been involved or been around the location for a while. My business partner is my father, he started in 1996.

How did you end up at Clintar?

My last job was at a financial service company in Toronto. I went to school in London and studied business. So that’s my background. I’ve always been around the company. And really, my drive to join was one part, I guess, working with my father and experiencing the business growing up. There’s a lot of unique challenges and opportunities in our business, and I think that’s really ultimately what drove me to it.

Some of my first jobs were washing trucks at our yard. And I even remember as far back some of the properties we’re still maintaining today, riding beside my father in a plow truck. And it’s all come full circle. So I’m pretty excited to be back.

What is the most satisfying part of being a Clintar business owner?

I think the biggest difference, like I mentioned, is some of the challenges and opportunities, For me personally, I like to think, I like to work on things and improve it over time. And in our business, although it’s been around for 27 odd years, there are always things to improve.

So sitting at an ownership level versus an employee, you see things differently and more uniquely, and it really gives you that different perspective in knowing how employees work and how you can see it and how you can take it to the next level. It’s always a challenge to try to elevate our services for our clients and customers. And I think driving to achieve that goal’s what keeps me around, keeps me interested.

What do you like to do when you are not helping other through your Clintar business?

The biggest thing for me in the winter is playing hockey. My family has some deep roots in hockey, and that’s maybe a quite Canadian thing to say, but that’s one of my biggest passions. And then in the summer, I like to cycle. So this coming summer, I’m going to do a 300 kilometer ride from Kitchener to up north in the Huntsville area.