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Fanshawe College Foundation receives a gift from Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services to support Landscape and Horticultural skilled trades students.

Clintar | June 1, 2023 | General

Date: Thursday June 1st, 2023
London, Ontario

Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services is delighted to announce a collaborative venture with Fanshawe College, aimed at advancing the skills and knowledge of up-and-coming horticulture and landscape design professionals in our local region. This generous initiative by Clintar signifies more than just the provision of immediate student aid; it represents a strategic investment in the nurturing of talent required to maintain our community’s outdoor environments as vibrant and welcoming spaces for future generations.

Fanshawe College is so appreciative of the long-standing partnership we have with Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services. It is through the generosity of committed organizations like Clintar that Fanshawe College students are able to successfully pursue their dream of a career in their chosen field. We are most grateful to Clintar for their tremendous support of Fanshawe College.

– Gillian Sneddon, Executive Director, Advancement & Alumni Fanshawe College

Clintar’s awards are designed to support students attending the Horticulture Technician and Landscape Design diploma programs at Fanshawe College. As leaders in the industry for over 5 decades, we are honoured to support Fanshawe College in developing our future workforce, so our profession has enough skilled and competent staff to meet the increasing demand for the innovative design, build, and maintenance of healthy and safe outdoor spaces. We are delighted to support students at Fanshawe College in this journey.

– Terry Nicholson, Vice President Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services 

About Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College is one of Ontario’s largest colleges, serving students with a promise to educate, engage, empower, and excite. The College has over 200,000 alumni and attracts students from 80 countries every year, opening up a world of possibilities through more than 200-degree, diploma and certificate programs, along with apprenticeship training.

Located in London with additional campuses in Simcoe, St. Thomas, Woodstock and throughout Huron and Bruce Counties in Ontario, Fanshawe has been providing excellence in academic learning and industry training for more than 50 years helping people to unlock their potential and achieve success.

About Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services

Founded in 1973, Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services has celebrated growth and success and has evolved into a Franchise network now known across North America as Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services. For 50 years, we have helped Canadian businesses protect and improve green spaces, parking lots, and walkways so that they provide healthy and safe spaces for all to enjoy. We continue to be recognized as Canada’s trusted authority in Landscaping Maintenance/Landscape Installations & Enhancements and Snow Removal and Ice Control services.

Our clients are institutional, corporate commercial, retail, government, and industrial properties. Our services are professionally managed and delivered by more than 1000 skilled team members who proudly provide expert outdoor services to more than 200 million square feet at over 4000 properties. Their core strength is their ability to bring together processes and expertise to provide award-winning landscape services for their clients.