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The Perils of Potholes

Chris Burns | February 24, 2016 | General

It happens every winter – the freeze and thaw cycle combined with regular plow activity wreaks havoc on your pavement, resulting in a parking lot peppered with potholes.

Not only are potholes an eyesore, they can potentially damage customer or employee vehicles and pose significant safety threats to pedestrians.

The good news?
A proactive approach to parking lot maintenance throughout the winter season will help make spring pothole repairs a breeze.

Throughout the winter, potholes should be filled with cold patch to help lessen the risk of vehicle damage or pedestrian injury.

Because plows and freeze/thaw cycles can remove previous repair jobs, your parking lot should be assessed on a regular basis. Sealing cracks and potholes frequently throughout the winter will prevent water from collecting in cracks and freezing, which can cause further damage.

Once the spring season is finally on the horizon, Clintar can tour your property to assess for potholes and cracks and provide you with a quote to properly repair all damage.

Don’t let potholes cause you problems! Call Clintar and let our experts help you maintain a safe parking lot year-round.