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The Perils of Potholes

Chris Burns | February 24, 2016 | General

It happens every winter – the freeze and thaw cycle combined with regular plow activity wreaks havoc on your pavement, resulting in a parking lot peppered with potholes.

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Safety tips for surviving winter

Chris Burns | February 5, 2016 | General

Many people think they only need to worry about safety and falling in the winter during a snow or ice event. At Clintar Landscape Management, our approach is...

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Should you remove or relocate excess snow?

Chris Burns | January 19, 2016 | General

After several winter weather events, plowed piles of snow can start building to potentially dangerous levels on your property, prompting the need to relocate snow piles or remove...

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Let it Snow!

Chris Burns | December 16, 2015 | General

Though spring-like temperatures in December might have you believing otherwise, winter really is on its way. We promise. Before the snow sets in, it’s important to ensure your...

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