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Earth & Landscape November 2020

Steve Sinodinos | November 5, 2020 | Corporate News

Clintar Client Newsletter
November 2020.

November 2020 Newsletter


  2. Helping Commercial Properties Prepare for Winter During Covid-19
  3. Upcoming Environment Days
  5. Clintar Wins An Award at the 2020 International Business Stevie® Awards!
  6. Clintar Certified as a Great Place to Work® For The 4th Year in a Row!
  8. Building Stronger Communities with Canada’s Fastest-Growing Property Maintenance Franchise


During the evolving COVID-19 situation, the use and dependency on the commercial
facilities maintained and serviced by Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services remains essential to ensure the continued operation of critical businesses.

I want to take a moment to assure you that Clintar is, and has always been taking the
pandemic seriously, and ensuring all proper health and safety guidelines and protocols are strictly followed. As we continue to navigate the changes posed by this pandemic, our priorities always remain the same. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities are our top priority.

Clintar provides property maintenance services to critical commercial and industrial companies like hospitals, government buildings, and supply chain businesses (among others). Our services aid in the safety, security, and sanitation of commercial properties.

These services include:

  • Plowing, salting and ice prevention
  • Outdoor sanitization
  • Turf maintenance to prevent mosquitoes, ticks, vermin, and rodents
  • Litter clean up including hazardous materials such as latex gloves and medical masks
  • Noxious weed & invasive species control
  • Parking lot repairs to help prevent injury and vehicle damage
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Rotting or dead tree removal
  • Water drainage and irrigation repairs

Our crews perform treatments to help maintain outdoor spaces that could otherwise affect public safety, and increase the risk of injury. The services we provide ensure that commercial properties are able to remain safe spaces, and that all property standards are met.

We remain dedicated and prepared to address the most pressing property maintenance and up-keep issues facing our customers. Our customer service levels and customer satisfaction remain the highest priority in everything we do. As an employer of choice, our employee engagement rates are a priority as well, so that we can continue to ensure an industry-leading experience for both our staff, and most importantly, our clients.

Thank you for your continued support.

Upcoming Environment Days

Upcoming Environmental Days

As we continue to protect outdoor spaces and the health and safety of our public within the communities we operate in, we also remember to take the time to celebrate our Earth.

Clintar CaresOne of our top priorities as a company has always been to protect our Earth and it’s natural resources, and to provide effective services that honour sustainability practices which have been a part of our mission.

The below are important environmental and sustainabilityrelated days. These are all of significance to Clintar, and we will be observing each. Clintar C.A.R.E.S invites you to participate!

October 28th – Sustainability Day
November 1st – Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 13th – World Kindness Day
December 1st – Giving Tuesday
December 21st – First Day of Winter



Our goal has always been to pave new paths to a greener tomorrow for future generations to enjoy by diligently focusing on reducing our impacts today. As a business, we have tackled the issue of sustainability in a number of different ways; from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to conserving water; and will continue to do our part in protecting, educating, and influencing others to take charge of changing the ways they live. 

Our national reach, strong leadership, and integrated franchise teams have given us the strong base necessary to expand our capabilities in order to be able to operate in an increasingly sustainable way, always prioritizing collective health and the greater good. 

A key factor to our success as a leading outdoor services provider has been finding the perfect balance between meeting our clients’ needs, and the need to protect the Earth and we’ve done so by pioneering technologies and methodologies that best serve both initiatives. As the needs of our clients and planet evolve, we continue to evolve our services and uphold the highest standards for operational efficiency within the outdoor services industry. Our focus is on remaining resilient by working through challenges facing us today in order to continue building a greener tomorrow. 

This report, our first annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report will serve to demonstrate and highlight our commitment to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ needs, through a framework that remains dedicated to our core value of responsibly and sustainably conducting business. This report highlights the progress we have made thus far in the key areas of: 

  • Governance 
  • The Environment 
  • Community 
  • The Workplace 
  • The Workplace 

Our award-winning sustainability programs and initiatives highlighted are a reflection of our entire staff and company commitment to making a lasting impact. We encourage you to read through our report and discover just how Clintar is making a change and delivering a greener tomorrow.


Fall Clean Up

The end of August is near, which means the days are slowly growing shorter and the temperatures are beginning to drop. For your property, this means it’s time to start thinking about and scheduling some fall preparation before winter hits to ensure your turf remains clean, healthy, and inviting. Clintar’s fall clean up services are here to do just that – keep your property protected and looking it’s best regardless of the season. 

Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services is here to handle all of your fall clean up needs, so that you can focus on crucial business tasks and feel confident that your property is being well maintained and taken care of. 

Recognized for our exceptional sustainability and industry-leading health and safety standards, our clients trust in our certified professionals to provide them with essential property maintenance services. 

Our COVID safety protocols remain in place in order to keep your clients, staff, and properties protected. All of our teams take these measures seriously and will continue to practice strict health and safety protocols when on a commercial property; including ensuring that proper social distancing is being followed and that PPE is worn at all times while servicing your property.

Protecting Your Grounds With Fall Clean Up Services 

To help reinvigorate and protect your property’s outdoor space this season, we offer the following full-service fall property cleanup to help welcome your clients and the public: 

  • Fertilization care
  • Leaf blowing and raking
  • Branch clearing
  • Mulching of leaves and unwanted grass clippings
  • Removal and composting of annuals
  • Cultivation of flower beds
  • Edging and trimming
  • Shut down and winterization of irrigation system
  • Soil aeration and reseeding

Clintar CaresOur fall clean up services are also here to help keep harmful insects and invasive species at bay by eliminating any potential breeding grounds so that they do not hibernate on your property throughout the winter. 

Let our team help ensure that your properties are kept well maintained, immaculate; and most importantly clean and safe this fall season. Fall clean up services are critical to helping ensure a smooth transition to spring next year, with a property that looks and performs it’s best. 

Don’t delay scheduling your fall clean up – get in touch and let’s discuss your options.