Landscape Enhancements

Landscape Enhancement Services for a Refreshed Look

From full scale upgrades to minor landscape touch-ups, Clintar’s professional teams have the resources and knowledge to create any landscape enhancements sustainably and economically for a refreshed look every season.

Landscape Construction

Clintar provides a full scope of landscape construction services for commercial properties of varying sizes and industries.

From the installation of irrigation systems to the design and layout of paving stones and flower bed creations, Clintar franchises are equipped with the certified personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and industry knowledge to make your outdoor properties flourish for years to come.

Clintar Landscape Construction Services offered:

  • Site layout and landscape architect drawings
  • Site Development and Project Management
  • Grading/Draining/Irrigation
  • Water Features
  • Horticultural Planting and Cultivation
  • Top Soil Installation
  • Hardscape Installation – interlocking, paving stones, turf stones

Property Enhancements
Property Enhancements

Clintar encourages clients to contribute their ideas as much as they wish in the planning stages of the design and layout, so we can best bring their concept to life.

All landscape architect drawings are completed by a certified professional Landscape Architect and are provided to Property Management upon project completion.

With a number of individuals on site working in various areas and capacities on your landscape construction project, Clintar ensures each site has a dedicated Site Manager to provide clients with status updates on each phase of the project, manage client requirements and multiple timelines so that every task of the project is completed within budget and on a timely basis.

Clintar Landscape Construction Project Phases:

Initial Design

  • Client meetings, budget and timeline discussion.

Planning & Construction

  • Landscape architect drawings, timeline establishment, Clintar team initialization and set up.

Maintenance Program

  • Customized maintenance and servicing program for all your landscape construction elements including optional Clintar year-round outdoor service offerings.

Creative Softscapes

An ideal landscaped property will have a combination of both hardscape and softscape features to make a property truly stand out.

Clintar’s professional horticulturists can work with your team or independently select and design softscape features to personify your brand, while invigorating your property with a sense of vitality and style.

Clintar can incorporate the following softscape features on any landscaped property:

Water Features

Integrating a sleek water feature to your landscape designs can provide a sense of calmness, energy and nature to your property. In addition to contributing to a scenic view of your property, it will also help engage your clients and the public positively.

Water Feature Enhancement
Water Feature Enhancement

Why incorporate water features on your property:

  • Reduce surrounding noise pollution.
  • Provide a serene environment for employees and clients to enjoy.
  • Create a memorable experience and lasting impression for all visitors to your property.
  • Elevates your brand and business with minimal effort and investment.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great feature to add to any landscaped property as it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for your property.

Clintar will assess the best locations on your property to place landscape lighting to maximize security and safety for all pedestrians.

Provide your clients and the public with the best visibility to company sidewalks and signage, while highlighting unique hardscape, softscape and water features on your property.