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From landscape management, landscape enhancements, snow and ice removal and parking lot maintenance, we are proud to offer our clients all the services required to keep their outdoor spaces looking immaculate, no matter the season.

European (Gypsy) Moth Prevention For Commercial Properties

Tim Verbic | | General

With the anticipation of spring just around the corner, Canadian businesses and property managers are meticulously preparing for the warmer months ahead. From spring cleaning and property maintenance...

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Sustainable Landscaping: Give Your Property A Competitive Edge

Tim Verbic | | Landscaping Services

Environment First Clintar’s day-to-day operations are centred around sustainability and environmental stewardship. Part of Clintar’s Mission is to constantly research and acquire more efficient and sustainable practices and...

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Serving Commercial Properties with Safer Winter Services

Tim Verbic | | Winter Maintenance

Canadian winters can be harsh and unpredictable, but the safety of your commercial property should be the exact opposite. As businesses and property managers carefully prepare for the...

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Preparing for Winter with Commercial Snow and Ice Management Services

Tim Verbic | | General, Winter Maintenance

While Canadians enjoy the fresh, autumn breeze, commercial property managers are carefully preparing for the winter months ahead. From heavy snow and cold winds to spontaneous blizzards and...

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Clintar Wins An Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Canada and the U.S.A.

Tim Verbic | | Corporate News

We’re proud to announce that we won Bronze at the 18th Annual International Business Awards® for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Canada and the U.S.A....

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Supporting Safer Businesses with Clintar’s Health and Safety Protocols

Tim Verbic | | Commercial Landscaping

At Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services, we pride ourselves on a health-and-safety-first approach to commercial property services. Since 1973, our skilled technicians and account managers have worked diligently to...

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7 Spring Maintenance Tips for Safer Commercial Properties

Kimberly Khoury | | Spring Maintenance

The safety of your commercial property is an important responsibility, especially when it comes to your outdoor environment.  As the chill of winter slowly melts away over the...

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Clintar Makes Two More Wishes Come True!

Kimberly Khoury | | General

It has always been of utmost importance to Clintar to uphold and support individuals and families across Canada. As a company, it is important for us to come...

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Clintar’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020 is Now Available

Steve Sinodinos | | Corporate Social Responsibility

Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services is pleased to present you with our first annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, now available for download.  Our company was founded on a...

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Earth & Landscape November 2020

Steve Sinodinos | | Corporate News

Clintar Client NewsletterNovember 2020. Contents MESSAGE FROM STEVE SINODINOS Helping Commercial Properties Prepare for Winter During Covid-19

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